“I am enjoying working with everyone more than I can say. It is such an uplifting experience to see the faces of the participants when they greet each other and to hear their precious words for one another” – Kitty,Volunteer


Volunteer Opportunities

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Full Day/Part Time Program Volunteer

Volunteers work directly with our adults with special needs and depending on the volunteers’ interests and our program needs, they work in the Creative Skills area, either Clay – building the pottery pieces out of wet clay slabs or Glazing – painting color glazes on the bisque pieces or the Brain Building Center – using tools and activities to integrate the brain for better focus. Volunteers bring a lunch and eat with us and are active with us during our Teaching Time and Exercise Time. It is a good, full and busy day! 

Product Volunteer

Once the pottery is formed and dried, it is called Green ware. It is very fragile and breaks easily. Before it gets fired in the kiln, all the edges and rough areas have to be smoothed and “cleaned”. This step requires good fine motor skills and is very challenging for many of our participants. Volunteers come in weekly for 2 hours from 9:00-11:00 or 1:00-3:00 for the whole 20 week session to help us complete this step of the creative process. This opportunity offers the most flexibility for those that may have concerns with being consistent weekly since it is not in one of our stations working directly with our teachers and participants.

Gift Shop Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to help organize, price, store and sort our pottery in our gift shop, for a few hours at a time. Volunteers are always needed to help us gear up and run our annual Christmas Open House.

Work Day Volunteer

Coventry schedules work days twice a year to clean and repair/update our facility. Volunteers get an opportunity to work in our gardens, clean and organize, or help us with facility repairs or enhancements. To see our next scheduled work day, please visit our Calendar.

Group Volunteer Projects

Often community organizations want to assist us by completing a group project with their members. We welcome your organization and would love to discuss our current needs with you. Please contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Fundraising and Special Events Volunteer

Coventry's calendar is full of special events and fundraisers that are designed to help us progress our mission. We welcome volunteers to assist us with these events. Skills such as event planning, underwriting and sponsorships, decorating, and day of event volunteering in areas of registration and set-up are always needed. Upcoming events can be viewed on our Calendar, we look forward to hearing from you!

Administrative Volunteer

If you would like to help in our administration office, we have many tasks such as filing, copying, shredding and general office duties that would be a perfect fit!

Thank you for your interest in our volunteer opportunities - Together we are changing lives!
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