There is just something about Coventry, it's the type of organization that constantly reaffirms that you are right where God intended.
- Brenda, Coventry Staff

When we say “in action” we truly mean it. A typical day at Coventry is filled with a structured program and many unstructured laughs, smiles and high fives.
Our participants are happy, engaged and full of confidence. They are connected and take pride in their abilities. Please take a few minutes to look at our Photo Album or Video Album and you will see first hand the real connection that is made at Coventry.
There are many ways to Get Involved with The Coventry Reserve! If you are looking for a great volunteer opportunity, whether it is just a few hours or a weekly commitment, we need you and would be grateful for your time.
If you would like to Support Our Mission, we are interested to talk with you more! Involvement at Coventry in the form of monetary donations, gifts in kind or helping us spread the word are all welcome!
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