We are absolutely thrilled with the results of the tournament this year! 

The weather was perfect, great teams showed up to play, lunch was the best in barbecue, and once again, the day was topped off with a fun, competitive and beyond generous live auction.


We thank Tommy, Toni, Brent and team for their exceptional abilities of creating an atmosphere of unity for the common purpose of support for Coventry’s mission to serve.  We love their commitment and enthusiasm that continues year after year. Also special thanks to Coventry’s golf support team—Barry, Gina, Sherri, Lauren, Margretha, Jodie and Lena who put their shoulder to the wheel and kept everything moving.  And above all-----watched for the hopeful hole in one to happen. (It didn’t –maybe next year)   We also appreciate the Signing Stars and their parents who came to entertain and support and are grateful to all the Coventry family members who donated sponsorships and/or played with a team.


The numbers are in and the bottom line on our 10th Tournament just keeps getting better.  We hopefully estimated the day to end with a net of $66-67,000.  That would have been the best to date but the actual came in at $72,065!  Less than $20,000 from our “way out there” goal of half a million from our 10 years of tournaments!! What an amazing feat and example of generosity and perseverance.


We are grateful for all who have contributed thru the years.  The bigger community  has joined with us to abundantly bless our vision for our guys and gals who have special needs.  This consistent, stabilizing support continues to help us serve with excellence as we purchase more property, build more buildings and create more stimulating opportunities for our beautiful community of families.  Together---- we are serving well.


Blessings back to all of you!  


Enjoy just a sample of photos from the event.

Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the photos or click on any photo to open an enlarged version.


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