“My day yesterday was filled with such purpose. I’m looking forward to next Monday already. I feel rather selfish, I think I might be getting more out of the experience than I’m giving.” – Judie, Volunteer

At Coventry Reserve, we realize the impact our program has on the quality of life for our participants. We regularly receive feedback and praise from our participants, their family members and our community volunteers. We would like to share with you some of the expressions of gratitude, not only from the participants, but from those who love and support them and the community that they interact in on a daily basis.

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“Because of your investment of your time, your energy, and your driven desire to help others, Denise is sure and steady on her feet, her personality has blossomed and she no longer mumbles her name but proudly and strongly says, De-Nise!” – Cinda, Sister

“Her reading skills have jumped incredibly thanks to the brain center” – Parent
“God bless you and your staff for being a breath of fresh air in this day and time” – Parent
“We are seeing improvement in Bryan’s speech and his balance. He no longer gets frustrated as easily as he once did. Thank you for all your hard work and the love and care you show Bryan” – Judy and James, Parents
“She is more confident and has less fear in moving around in different environments. These are HUGE differences, recently, there was the surprise of seeing her walk across an unlevel surface standing straight up, with a big smile on her face, instead of leaning over with her face to the ground” – Parent
“When Sheri was 6 years old she was diagnosed with MR and we were told to take her to a state institution because they believed she would never be able to do anything “worthwhile”. She will be 50 this year and has achieved and accomplished more than most people ever thought possible – Thank you and God bless you for the hard work, daring innovations and the courage and time you invest in Coventry, YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE, special crowns await you in Heaven! – Helen and Norman, Parents
“Her memory skills are increasing and so are her reading skills. She is constantly reading my to-do list and now I have to be careful what I write!” Tammy, Parent
“She is now able to look us in the eyes, to carry on a conversation, to express her feelings and even opinions. There was so much locked up for so long, Kayleigh could have never achieved this without Coventry Reserve” – Diane and Don, Parents
“Gretta is nonverbal, so you don’t really know what she is feeling, however, the smile on her face as she enters the building and is greeted by dozens of passionate “Hello’s” says it all!” – Carolyn, Parent
“She loves being a part of the Coventry family.She loves the friendships, the acceptance, the pride in her part of making the pottery, the music, the signing!” – Parent
“Ted has grown in the past 4 years to be able to control his behavior and has learned skills of calming himself down when others “bother”him.He talks to others and wants to be a part of the group… He feels he has friends at Coventry, Coventry has been a God send.” – Sarah and Ralph, Parents
“I didn’t know what to expect from Stephanie when it came to day-to-day life (after school ended). Now, she is not only engaging in conversations, but actually starting them!” – Tammy, Parent
A Personal Story Behind the Vision of Coventry Reserve by our Co-Founder/Executive Director
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