"He has more self-confidence when out in public. He is speaking to people and holds the door open for them and tells them thank you if they hold the door for him.” – Judy and James, Parents

The Coventry Reserve is located on 8 beautiful country acres in St. Paul, Texas, just north of downtown Wylie. Coventry Reserve currently owns their facility and surrounding 2 acres.

Our Building

Coventry's interior was specifically designed with our participants in mind. The calming environment and reduced distractions allow for optimal learning experiences. 
The interior space includes:
  • Gift shop for displaying our unique pottery
  • Cafe' area to enjoy a social lunch time
  • Creative skills area where pottery is created
  • Brain Building Center for therapeutic activities
  • Upstairs loft to house our administrative offices
The design created open areas, that flow into each other, allowing a wonderfully inclusive and heartwarming environment to keep all engaged.

Coventry Grounds

As soon as you turn onto the gravel drive, you can see the Coventry building and colorful, attractive flower gardens. We believe our entrance establishes our peaceful and calm setting.  We project an organization that is respective and caring of our environment and surroundings.
We encourage you to come visit the Coventry Reserve and see the atmosphere of acceptance, hope, and encouragement that we have created.
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