Coventry's Governing Board meets quarterly. Annual meeting first quarter of each year.

Executive Board:

Coventry Founders: 
Barry and Gina Barnett
Derrell and Darlene Blakey 
Board Members:
Dave and Holly Meehan
Tommy Pulliam
Steve Tipton
Tresi Weeks
Front row (L-R): Darlene Blakey, Holly Meehan, Gina Barnett;
Back row (L-R) Derrell Blakey, Tommy Pulliam,  Dave Meehan, Barry Barnett, and Steve Tipton

 The Four Major Roles of a Coventry Board Member:

1.  Govern Coventry through decisions and oversight that support all operations of Coventry; ensuring legal and ethical integrity while maintaining accountability and transparency.
2.  Steward Coventry through personal financial commitment, outreach, organization, planning and recruiting as necessary to ensure adequate resources are available to fulfill Coventry's mission.
3.   Ambassador for Coventry as they represent and interpret the mission of Coventry, defending, within the organization and the community.
4.   Consult  as necessary to provide professional expertise and resources to fully support Coventry's needs. 
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