Q: Who is eligible for participation in The Coventry Reserve’s program?
A: We welcome adults with physical and/or cognitive disabilities who no longer qualify for public school programs.  Most would not be or have not been successful transitioning into the regular job market.

Q: Do you have any set limitations for age?
A: Adults are defined as 18 years of age and up.  We currently have a variety of ages with the average age being 28.

Q: Do you accept all special needs?
A: We do not have appropriate staffing or adequate space to serve those with severe or fragile medical, emotional or behavior issues.  We offer various levels of support for all of our participants, however, in order to benefit they should be capable of functioning and participating in the program.  They must also be able to care for their own toileting needs with minimum assistance.

Q: What is your Staff/Volunteer to participant ratio?
A: Coventry has a small, caring community that feels like family.  We strive to keep a 1:3 ratio in order to provide beneficial personal interaction and guidance.

Q: Does your program run year round?
A: We offer two 5 month sessions per year:  Mid-January through early June and mid-July through early December.  We are currently open 4 days (Mon – Thurs) Refer to our Calendar page for the specific dates.

Q: How much does it cost to attend The Coventry Reserve’s program?
A:  While all participants pay tuition, the full cost of the program is subsidized through a variety of ways.  25% community donations, 53% participant fees and 22% from income sources such as pottery sales.  Click here for current Tuition Fees.  Note tuition is based on session enrollment, we do not offer “drop in” rates.

Q: Do you accept HCS or any other Governmental Funding?
A: Coventry has chosen to remain private pay.  Not accepting government funding allows us to maintain control of the structure and content of the program and to keep Christ at the center of our foundation and the basis for every decision.  Our parents make the responsible and often sacrificial decision to give of their time and finances.  This returns to them a sense of value and pride of ownership in the program.  Many also volunteer in various ways and all cooperate with the staff to become part of an effective team. 

Q: Do you allow visitors?
A: Visitors are always welcome, but are encouraged to call ahead and arrange a time to come. Tours are typically scheduled Tuesday at 9:30.


Q: Why do you make pottery?  Do you do any other arts and crafts?
A: Pottery is a great medium that easily lends opportunities for our participants to blossom creatively, incorporates sequencing, tactile integration, and pride of accomplishment. Pottery has been successful for us and is our main artistic focus.

Q: Can I buy your pottery on-line?
A: Our pottery is primarily available at our on-site Gift Shop and not online at this time because of both limited inventory and shipping challenges.  The pottery is made by the participants during their Creative Skills class time and we also feel that having shoppers experience Coventry’s program and observe the pottery being created adds to the uniqueness and value of each piece. 

Q: Is your pottery food safe?
A: Our pottery is intended for decorative purposes only. 

Q: When can I shop?
A: Our Gift Shop is open during regular sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 – 3:00 AND our annual Christmas Open House the 1st weekend in December.  See Buy Our Pottery.


Q: If I want to volunteer, should I have past experience with special needs or pottery?
A: Not necessary but helpful.  We appreciate and are ready to accept volunteers that have a willing heart to learn.  We offer a full day of training at the beginning of each session and instruction continues as needed to prepare anyone who wishes to join us a volunteer.   All must meet initial volunteer qualifications.  Click on Get Involved for more details.

Q: Is there an age limit for volunteers?
A: We ask that volunteers be 18 years or older.  We believe this is important so that our volunteers have a mature understanding of disabilities.  We have discovered that empty nesters, semi- retired men or women or retired teachers make great volunteers.

Q: Do you have any weekend options for volunteering?
A: Our volunteering opportunities are typically during our program day.  Click on Get Involved for more details.
Once a session we do plan Saturday Work Days and invite more of our community to join us to do lawn work, window washing and general building maintenance and cleaning tasks.  These are the things we do not have the chance to complete during our program day.

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